The Down River Camps has been in operation for around 75 years.  Our family has owned and operated it for the past 38 years.  We are NOT the new kids on the block.  Anyone who is serious about smallmouth bass fishing has to end up in Washington County Maine at some point.  Washington County is the easternmost county in Maine and we are in the easternmost part of the County.  Our waters abut Canada and our remoteness keeps our waters under-fished and with very little population.  This ensures you have what you came looking for: a sense of pristine wilderness and hardly any boat traffic.  A typical 8 hour day of fishing, you might see 6 boats (and most of those would be from our place), and there's about 10,000 acres just in "our" water alone.  If that's not enough for you (and it will be), you can boat to the west and you have another 15,000 acres to poke around in.

Information on the fishing and type of water the Flowage offers can be found in the "About" and "Photo Gallery" tabs above or by accessing the 'drop down menu'. Enjoy your page visit and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are quick to respond! 

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